Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vintage Dress Form Digital Collage

There is something so emotionally irresistible to me about vintage dress forms in just about any medium and certainly digital collage is no exception. Inspired by the work of others I decided to step away from painting for a moment and try my hand at my own digital creation.

Vintage Dress Form Digital Collage on Etsy

Using the black and white image of the dress form pictured below, some bits of clip art, vintage ephemera, a few of my own original designs and a little imagination I was able to create this beautiful collage pictured above. This beauty can be found in the Kell Belle Boutique.

Vintage Dress Form 

Are you inspired? Feel free to grab a copy of this dress form by clicking and saving the image on your desktop.

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  1. Your digital piece is fabulous! I love everything about it.
    Thanks for the download too!



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