Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Sailor Dress for June

Sailor just sounded like such a perfect subject as we head into boating season and this stylish Hell Bunny dress certainly caught my eye even if I do have to reach to make the sailor connection to it.


Isn't it amazing what comes up in searches sometimes?! Double skirt + polka dots = total bliss.  I may need to "sailorize" this just a little but I'll keep the hows of that a surprise for now.

HELL BUNNY SHYLEAN às bolinhas azul MINI PROM vestido de festa:...

I love these dresses! These are fun, flirty and absolutely adorable save whatever that is wrapped around the bust line. Whatever, ya know? I'll make it work. (tee hee :)


  1. These are adorable. Love the style.

  2. I can picture these on young Ladies,sailing on yachts off the coasts of Calif or New England,or even out of Norfolk,Va. Wearing a sun bonnet and sandals.Almost makes you think of Casablanca as well.



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