Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The August Underbust Corset

Now that August is a memory, I've finally finished the paper corset of the month. I'll call her Savannah. A little sultry, a little vintage and lots of charming pretty.
August underbust corset
I changed my corset inspiration to this frilly antique number. Not only do the lines look better but it's a little more inspiring with the antique lace at both the top and bottom edges.

 vintage underbust corset
Here's my treat du jour. The paper I used to cut out this beauty is the third one from the left and can be downloaded for free from Far Far Hill.

Far Far Hill free vintage paper downloads
I resized the pattern and altered the color ever so slightly (I needed a little more pink) to suit my corset needs but it's still very pretty even without altering it. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Kellie... Absolutely gorgeous!
    Are you selling the templates for these?
    Are you doing videos?

    1. Hi Ellen,

      The video and template are coming tomorrow and they will be free. I think you'll really like the new template format for this series. Glad you like the corset. ;)


  2. when I try to download the paper it asked for payment, is it not free paper?

    1. Hi Salpi,

      Once you get to the Far Far Hill site, click the first link listed to download the paper pack and when you get to DepositFiles.com, select regular download.

      DepositFiles will try to get you pay to for their Gold service but don't get sucked in. The regular download only took a few minutes with a DSL internet connection. Hope that helps!




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