Monday, June 6, 2016

Step by Step Paper Mâché Corsets Coming Up!

You asked for it and now I'm ready to show you step by step how to make those glorious, paper mâché corsets you've all repeatedly asked me about. Some things I think will make this tutorial series stand out is that the instructions will allow you to easily make whatever size or shape of corset suits your fancy, plus we are going to create a display setting for your finished piece.

mermaid corset inspiration from FractalWings on Etsy 
perfectly tattered and absolutely stunning!
So here's the skinny. Since we are quickly cruising into the summer season, I thought it might be fun to make something with a cottage chic, beach theme mostly because I haven't done anything like that yet. I'm thinking coastal hues like tranquil turquoise, blue-greens, soft whites and sandy neutrals, mermaids, and patina painted wire. What do you think?

image courtesy Vibeke of Vibeke Design
I expect to have the series finished by 4th of July weekend so y'all have something creative to do over the long holiday. (*snicker* As if!) During the next 4 weeks I'll post some sneak peaks and teasers to whet your creative appetite. Feel free to add your comments about what you might like me to cover. Other than that, let's get this party started!


  1. Hello,
    I so look forward to seeing your new paper clothes you make they so inspire me. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

    1. Thanks, Lori. I appreciate the comment. Have a beautiful day. :)


  2. Hi,
    I had seen your blog on Pinterest quite a few months back. I really enjoyed looking at all your posts. I fell in love with your paper dresses! I've never seen any, until I came here. I was disappointed that I had missed your posts. Im so happy your posting again! Something told me to check your blog again. So happy! Excitingly waiting for your next post. Trish



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