Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who do I Think I am?

For the past few years, I've watched and followed other artists, all of whom I consider to be successful mostly because they were earning a living doing what they love - their art. The grass always seemed greener on their side of the fence because of the success they now enjoy, success that I have wanted and envied but still have yet to duplicate for myself. This week, clarity has revealed to me that the key to the success I have been looking for lies in my own individuality. Even though I've known this to be true intellectually, I finally understand what it really means in my heart and soul.

Up until now I have tried to be everyone but myself in a variety of ways you may already have noticed but I won't go into them here . How could I expect anyone else to know who I am when I clearly did not know myself? My entire outer world has been a reflection of that mish mash of jumbled and wishy washy intentions that could only ever yield wishy washy results. This photo marks the gateway to a new art venture that is uniquely me. I am proud to introduce you to Kellie Reynolds of Kell Belle Studio.

Up next: How I got the nickname Kell Belle


  1. Darling friend, this is a beautiful place. It feels like home already! I love everything about it! You are a dream girl and friend and I will follow here and look in for that sweet light and grace you bring to all you do. I am glad to know your light and friendship. Blessings dear.

  2. Hi, how exciting for you. I am doing some business revamping myself and have been a little MIA as well. I will be following along.
    Happy Creating... (()) gail

  3. Hey Kellie! I'm excited to see what you're up matter what...I think you're already a success! Hugs!



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