Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Kell Belle Legend

As a child, the kids called me names like Kellie jelly or Kellie belly as a way to antagonize me and it worked every time. My own name followed by something as unimaginative as jelly or belly was about as pleasant to hear as fingernails on a chalk board. Ouch!

Logo: Rough Sketch

My sister and I were very close as kids, well, except for the time she leaped over the couch in a single bound and broke her arm. It was an impressive leap from where I was sitting and if that wall hadn't been in the way . . .   We had gotten into a fight and I flung her PeeChee (remember those?) across the room sending her school papers flying everywhere. She was so mad at me!

Logo: Tight Comp

As we grew older, she got married, had kids and we sort of drifted apart for awhile. After our mother and step father died in 2004, we began a weekly ritual of getting together on Friday nights to drink wine and watch chick flicks. We didn't have our mom to talk to anymore but we still had each other. Our Friday nights together were a way of honoring and celebrating that.
Logo: Tight Comp with Color

It was during this time that my sister began to call me Kells or Kell Belle which still feels to me like a derivative of that early childhood Kellie belly taunt. This time, instead of being charged with anger and misdirected negativity, it comes from a place of love. It comes from my sister's heart and pierces through mine.

Logo: Final

The images in this post take you through the evolution of the Kell Belle logo. I hope you find it every bit as visually appealing as I do.

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  1. Such a heartwarming story and it is always so nice to know a little about the person behind the creative endeavor. I love your final kell belle logo with the oval around it. Happy creating...



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