Sunday, November 7, 2010

Island Paradise is a Craft Room Away

I have been dreaming of craft room in some sort of island paradise setting. I know you can picture it. Warm salty breezes gently whispering through white, veil-like curtains, cool, hard wood floors and juicy, island colors surrounding you. Up until today, I thought that place was somewhere in the Virgin Islands, somewhere in the distant future.

Pink Roses Wall Border Sample

I recenlty picked out two wall borders and ordered samples to see which one would look best with my studio color theme. The rose wall paper is gorgeous in person and has a shimmer to it. Although I do like it, it gives the room a subdued feel. I want to feel energized when I step into my studio so I think I'll have to pass on this one.

Island Floral Wall Border Sample

After putting this next sample on my wall I realized that with it, I was actually creating that island paradise craft room I've been dreaming of for years. Not only do I not have to relocate but I actually get the best of both worlds. I'm not looking out over turquoise waters but that's a small price to pay to be near family, enjoy 4 seasons instead of one and have a beautiful, new craft room in a home I absolutely love. Our dreams may not always take the form we expect but the universe does hear us and gives us exactly what we need. Life is good!


  1. I love the island paradise border! It is fabulous and I can't wait to see your new room!!
    Glad things are progressing nicely for you!

  2. Hi Kellie -

    I love the border you chose for your studio. It really is just beautiful and is a perfect match for the color you chose on the walls. I can't wait to see your Island Paradise!
    I also wanted to let you know that you have inspired me. I finally have started working on organizing my studio. I am trying to do at least 1/2 hr to 1 hour about 3 - 4 times a week in the evenings. I started last week. I have one table cleared (I can actually see the table top-LOL) and working on the other table. I've just organized things in boxes (like papers, coloring supplies, adhesives, embellishments, etc.). I will then organize each box, slow, but I feel that at least I am accomplishing something. So thank you for the gentle boot in the pants - LOL!


  3. Hey Kellie...

    I agree..the second one is much more Island Paradise style ( ..You know) sun, sand, cool breezes and water...( Ha Ha) Bravo on the remodeling... It's lovely ..HUGS



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