Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just for Fun: Revisiting the Past

While I was cleaning out the room I am currently remodeling into the craft room of my dreams, I came across some old works. For some reason they whispered "keep me" and so I did.

Alfresco Past Bar Paper Neck Tie

While I was going to school at the Art Institute of Seattle, I took a letterform design class. I created a logo for a fictitious restaurant called Alfresco Pasta Bar. I then applied the logo to apparel which in this case happened to be a men's tie that could be worn by a waiter. 

Flowers and Window Seat Paper Sculpture

This piece is one of the earliest paper sculptures I ever did. I think this must be nearly 10 years old if its a day. The inspiration came from some type of book I have on home decorating ideas. I often draw inspiration from those types of books. Must be my way of living luxuriously. 

Monochromatic Water Color Painting

I took a class in water color at the local community college. This was a fun project because we were required to choose an image, in this case I chose an image from a magazine. I used tracing paper to draw a grid over the image and subsequently reproduce the image as a drawing on water color paper. Once drawn, the assignment was to paint the picture using only one color. Not bad for my first watercolor portrait, I'm still impressed.

Ravish Evening Wear

Another project from my letterform class. In this case I chose to do a logo for a fictitious evening wear clothing line. I had a lot of fun in this class. I discovered that I very much enjoy creating with type. This is evidenced still in the logo I have created for Kell Belle Studio. 


  1. Fun to see some of your past work! Love the paper sculpture and that watercolor is fabulous!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Especially like your watercolour. What a fun project. They were all fun projects.



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