Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Dream of Mermaids - Vision Boarding

I dream of the legendary mermaid. What is it about this mythical creature that captures our imaginations? Perhaps because it is so much fun to believe in something that adds a touch of magic with the promise of mystery to our every day existence. It's simply too irresistible and decadent an idea not to believe, isn't it?

Dreamy Sheer Fabrics
I am taking an online video tutorial with Suzi Blu called La Serina in which Suzi will teach us how to paint pretty mermaids. The first instruction she gives is that we gather ephemera, fabrics, trimmings, papers, photographs or anything that helps put is in a "mermaid" mood.

Mermie Trimmings
Ya know, I have actually never considered creating a vision board to help inspire my finished artwork but I am in love with the idea of it all. It's fun to go within and think like a mermaid. What kinds of things is my inner mermaid drawn to? Who is she? What am I meant to learn from her wisdom and perspective?

Blue Green Fabrics and Sequins
I ended up at the craft store yesterday . . . okay 2 craft stores and the art supply store in search of my mermaid materials. I went a little crazy and spent a small fortune, but what a treat. I wouldn't trade a thing. Just look at all the booty! So far I know my mermaid loves shiny, sparkling, pretty things in shades of aqua, blue and green with a few splashes of warm pink and coral mixed in as accents. It's all so très sea-chic.

Mermie Bling

So far, I have learned that it is good to pay proper homage to my ideas so that they might in grace, bloom more fully. Through vision boarding I can practice cultivating moods. I can let the idea evolve, grow and become what it wants to without judgement of the final outcome. My inner mermaid whispers that all the adventure of the journey is in the "becoming" and not the end result.

Glitz and Glam
I'll leave you with a question. Have you met your inner mermaid lately? What say you? Feel free to leave links to your mermaid art or mermaid art processes in the comments.

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