Monday, January 24, 2011

What Color is my Mermaid Environment?

There is nothing particularly interesting or noteworthy about color value scales unless you happen to be a painter of course. Mixing color is the foundation of a good painting next to composition. I have painted value scales while I was in art school yadda yadda, so on and so forth. Big deal right? I guess I never really fully understood the value of such an exercise until now. Haha!

Blue + Titanium White
 Choosing a color pallet has new meaning because I'm not randomly choosing color anymore. I learned something from my exercise in mixology yesterday. First, I can see at a glance how the blues in my supply stash stack up when put next to each other.  This will better enable me to select the right blue for my mermaid environment.

Color + Compliment = Mr Right Brown
I also want to have a nice green to use for sea foliage. I know I don't want them to look like a citrus tree so I'll keep my color on the darker, bluer side. Of course I couldn't resist playing with the browns and the fiery reds. They'll make good accent colors. The most important thing I learned about mixing a color with its compliment is that you get the perfect brown for your color pallet. 

Blue + Yellow = Green
I still have not completely decided upon my mermaid color pallet but this exercise has put me closer to making good color choices that will work well together and not create a visual circus that repels the viewer. I'm off to have some more painting fun!

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