Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to Release Fear

If you are like me and sometimes wonder how to release fear of anything the answer is simple. You have to face the thing you fear. You have to stare it down. Realize that its only power and purpose over you is to keep you suspended in your comfortable state and prevent you from moving forward. To help me release my fear of painting I recently made a list itemizing possible results of moving past my fear or choosing to give it power over me.

click photo to enlarge and read the list
I included things like how I felt about each choice and how that feeling manifested in my physical body. I was surprised by what I wrote. This method is helpful for clearing the mind and putting it all into perspective so that new choices can be made. There can be no progress without first making a new choice. The last thing I did before falling asleep that night was to affirm as I was falling asleep my willingness to release fear. Sometimes willingness is all the instruction the universe needs to help move you beyond what you thought was possible.


  1. Kellie -

    What a great list! I also really love your sketch. She is so sweet looking, you are just getting better and better!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Great list and therapy Kell... Art is a fabulous medium for release... so glad that you arre using it to its full extent.. I use my arts every day like this too... OMG it's such a feeling of freedom for the inner self, isnt it!!!

    I've been watching your doll face progress and Monica's ... Fabulous work, my Friend... Have you applied it to your dolly yet !!!! xoxox



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