Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mixed Media Face Painting Progress

Ahhh! Progress at last! Today I tried something a little different with my mixed media face painting. The change made such an enormous difference in my work that I may end up assimilating it as a permanent addition to the ever evolving Kell Belle style.

start with a graphite sketch
Using graphite pencil, I created my face skecth in a more freehand style than I had been doing previously. I added some light shading in places and sprayed the piece with a fixative. Using the graphite as an underpainting I used water pencil and acrylic paint to add and blend my skin tones.

work the face in layers
WOW! What an improvement over the last faces I posted. I want to thank Monica Zuniga and her Mixed Media Faces tutorial for the dramatic change in my painting approach. I feel like I'm now heading in the direction I want to be moving and can start adding bodies and backgrounds to my practice pieces. Yaaay!

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