Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Inspiration for Paper Dresses

With regard to Thanksgiving inspired paper dresses, lemme try this again. Earlier I talked about not doing a pilgrim outfit but after some consideration I concluded that one of the purposes of the Paper Wardrobe project is to challenge myself.

sexy native American indian maiden costume
Let's not forget the other side of the proverbial Thanksgiving coin though - the native Americans. Ahhh! Indian dress? I have to laugh at what the retail world has come up with in that regard because realistically (correct me if I'm wrong) I don't think those hip indian chicks ever wore anything like this back then but I just love the look of this sexy native american indian costume.

Disney's Pocahontas
Then there's Pocahontas. Combine this look with the sexy indian dress above and you've got the potential for a really great Thanksgiving dress. Okay, now I'm certain I will not be making a pilgrim dress this month. Ha!

Note: Pocahontas image associated with this post remains the intellectual property of Walt Disney Studios. Costume image courtesy of


  1. One shoulder? Huh...

    If so, I can't wait to see how you approach and solve that one!

  2. Very interesting... Can't wait to seen what you come up with!



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