Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tim Holtz Sewing Room - A Modification Story

I'm obsessed with the decorative dress form. You may have already noticed. (tee hee :) Sizzix put out a dress form die designed by that god of steampunk, Tim Holtz called "Sewing Room."

Tim Holtz sewing room die
Of course I HAD to have it and it was just like me to alter the design ever so slightly to suit my own needs. I made it a little more symmetrical because frankly, symmetry is my comfort and joy.

Tim Holtz modified sewing room dress form
Just look at the digital collage possibilities! I will not be posting my version of this outline for your use but I do plan to turn it into something yummy that you can have. For now, it will remain my surprise!

Note: Coping of the image above is strictly prohibited without my permission. Proper credit back to this post will be required once permission is obtained if you plan to post this online.


  1. Hi Kellie Girl!

    Happy New Year! Sorry I've been missing lately, been a little under the weather. I love what you did with Tim's die. Can't wait to see what else you've come up with. I am sure it is something spectacular!



  2. Hi Kellie:

    I stumbled accross your blog because a girlfriend made a dress with your template, and I am your newest follower. All of your work is wonderful! I used the template today to make a dress. I haven't posted it to my blog yet but plan to do so, perhaps for the Pink Saturday link party. Thanks so much for sharing your template. And I love this die - it is truly my favorite right now. I also love the miniature version. ~Marti

  3. Boy I love it!! I can think of so many ways to alter this. I am sure you are on the top of your creative mountain about right now!!



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