Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Shabby Chic Armoire

The shabby chic armoire I've been talking about for months has finally exited the nebulous realm of my thoughts and come forth in all its graphically designed French glory! Do you love it? I sure do.
graphically designed, shabby chic, French armoire
Shabby chic, also called cottage style reflects timeless, vintage quality that combines the new with the old. It is often light, airy, warm and welcoming. I see shabby chic as design with clean, crisp lines, lots of white or pastel colors, floral Victorian prints and vintage style.
prints $7 in the Kell Belle Boutique
This armoire is based on the antique French armoire and I think it fits the shabby chic style beautifully. I'll be working with this design to create displays for my paper dresses.

Note: Shabby chic French armoire is designed and copyrighted by Kell Belle Studio. It may not be reproduced or posted in any form without my written permission.

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