Monday, April 16, 2012

Wacky Tim Burton-ish Dress

I received an inquiry about a custom dress that included a purple, peplum top with a deep plunge neckline in a brocade pattern. The skirt was to be black and white checkered with the squares turned at a 45 degree angle. 
gradient added to show pattern and skirt style
Ha ha! I realized that the purple top was open to all kinds of interpretation that were not specified in the original request nor have I received a definitive answer even after asking my customer. Do I go with purple background and black damask or the white background and purple damask?

a daring combination damask and checkered

Don't even get me started on the options I haven't mentioned yet! There's enough pattern going on to keep my eyes completely occupied so I'd like to at least keep my mind freed up. Now that I can see these together, I think I'll go with the purple and black. It seems to compliment the skirt better.

MacKenzie-Childs Garden Awning Collection
The varitey of patterns kind of reminds me of the wacky Alice in Wonderland movie. This dress style was inspired by MacKenzie-Childs whose daring combinations of bold yet elegant pattern is really quite appealing.

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  1. Absolutely love love love the dress!!
    And that chair is awesome!



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