Monday, March 4, 2013

Sweetly Guided by the Voice of the Divine

One of the patterns I seem to repeat is starting new things and giving up the others before they even have a chance to take root. In many regards I spend more time in my head than I do planting my feet. I've essentially become an air plant starving for the grounding nourishment of mother earth.

ZZZZZING! The divine is benevolent in her wisdom for only just now do my actions and my results begin to make sense to me. However, the divine also seems to be calling me toward a career change in holistic metaphysics. Huh?

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On a spiritual level I've been asking for a way to help myself and others realize our full potential and opportunities toward that end have been presenting themselves so fast lately it truly does feel like magic. How can I ignore this? It can't be an accident that they are all coming together now, at the same time. The pull is so strong it's like being under the most incredibly wonderful, intoxicating, powerful spell in the whole world, a sure sign that I'm on the right path.

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Just so you know, I haven't given up on the paper art for that is my first love. The next chapter in the Kell Belle drama is to find a way to combine my love of paper and design with aromatherapy and professional tarot reading. A 10-month tarot class designed to prepare the student to read professionally has opened up in the last two weeks. I also found an online aromatherapy certification program approved by the NAHA that I'm totally enamored with and can't wait to get started.

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Being able to prepare bath salts, recipes and other beauty products imbued with both intent and practical ways of working through the blocking emotional issues that hold most of us back sounds like nothing short of sheer heaven to me. Designing pretty labels and bottles, maybe some sachets and perfume cards to go with it adds another exciting dimension. Clothes make us feel pretty. When it isn't practical for us to wear something in particular, we can still appreciate it in paper form. We can add beautiful garments to our visualizations where anything goes and nobody judges.

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The daunting days at work seem a little less tedious and I actually have bit more lilt in my step. I can envision that yurt in Sedona with the hard wood floors, the organized craft space, the peacefully zen like tarot reading space, exquisite scents that fill the air, birdsongs and the gentle gurgling of a fountain or stream. All of this together presents a vivid picture in my mind's eye of the most incredibly magical life I can imagine! That same passion of life is what I wish for you if you'll only step through the door.


  1. Hi Kellie! I realize this is new age talk and I don't usually bother with new age concepts, being a Catholic. But, I don't believe in throwing out the baby with the bath water. Your thoughts are refreshing and although I would not get my cards read, I still like some of your ideas. Although when I was young, I often had my cards read and I even had an egg reading once. I also tackled the Ouija board (yes, in all my innocence, I did the Ouija board). Something I would never touch today knowing what I know. I also read my horoscope every day, something I never do now.

    I used to visualize a lot, also. Visualizing is a good thing. It provides a certain energy but it also requires energy to do it. That is something I don't have at the moment. That's why I like reading your posts. I feel your wonderful energy and your passion and perhaps it will help me overcome this inertia that came out of nowhere and I just want it to go away.

    I did do something the other day like I said I would. I made a quilt for one of the beds in my dollhouse. The fact that I did something I had wanted to do did release some blocked energy in me. So that helped. Take care!

    1. Hi Lucille,

      I have played with the Ouiji board myself. I never really got anything very useful out of it and knowing what I know now, it is likely not linked to positive energy anyway.

      I've been fascinated by the tarot for quite a long time. At first my only interest was in using it to find out if things were going to work out with whomever I was dating at the time. Haha! Now my interest is in helping people bring to the surface what they already know in their hearts is true but maybe they need a little guidance in order to do something positive with it.

      Good job on making a miniature quilt. Even the littlest actions can make a big difference in how we feel. I know that I feel a certain sense of accomplishment after paying bills or organizing a shelf. ha!

      Wishing you a creative day. :)




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