Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Magic of Doing Something Different

Changes are inevitable in life. In fact change is the one thing you can always count on. But, we ask, if change abounds then how is it that we can still feel stuck in the same old patterns and routines offered up in our day to day living? The answer is inertia. 

in·er·tia  [in-ur-shuh]
2.      Physics.         a.   the property of matter by which it retains its state of rest or its velocity along a straight line so long as it is not acted upon by any external force.

Change happens every day, in every moment but our chronic ways of thinking and being ensure that our daily patterns keep turning into the same thing. The same frustrating day in traffic, the same daunting day at work, the same *insert your own situation here.* It's like being stuck in our own private "Groundhog Day" and essentially we are!

via Acting Abroad
The truth is, we can make all the deals in the world with ourselves about what we want to change and how we'll go about changing it but until we muster up the will to actually do something different in the moment then we are doomed to live a repeat of yesterday and the day before that and the day before that.

via Holistic Healing Center
So here's my challenge for you this week. Do something different even if it feels a little scary. 90% of our fears never happen anyway and if we wait to stop feeling scared before we take action then we may be waiting a long time to manifest the life of our dreams. Spending even 5 minutes at first is okay.  Just get started and see what happens.

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  1. I hear you, Kellie. What you're saying is so true. That's how I feel these days. I'm just one big ball of inertia. So today, I will try very hard to do something that I've been wanting to do. It doesn't matter what it is as there are so many of them. As long as I do one of them, I think I will sleep better tonight and step out of this inertia phase I've been going through. Have a nice day! You're wonderful!



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