Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Nightmare Before Remodel

For nearly a year and a half I have been thinking about remodeling my spare room to resemble something like the glossy pictures you see in magazines like "Where Women Create."

The first paint samples were splashed on the wall in Spring of 2009 so while I continued to accumulate and inadequately store "stuff" I have to ask myself what exactly is it that I've been waiting for before moving forward with my project?

They say a disorganized space is a reflection of a disorganized mind but crystal clarity came quickly when my recently divorced, 71 year old father announced he was moving to Arizona to start his new life as a bachelor. I say way to go dad! Then I realized that with him would go my free remodeling help.  

There's nothing like a little fire under the arse to get you moving eh? That said, dad and I leave on our road trip to Phoenix on October 23rd which leaves me only 1 weekend to install the hardwood floor I had planned for the space. Me with a rented electric saw is non negotiable so this has to happen before he leaves.

Sooo, yesterday I spent 8 hours cleaning out the room. Closet doors came off to make room for built in shelves and storage, craft supplies were consolidated and 3 hefty bags later the room took on a dramatically different look than it had mere hours beforehand. 

The Salvation Army comes Monday to haul away items no longer needed. The plan is coming together beautifully because not only is dad coming over next weekend to put in the floor but brother Pat has offered to help and bring his saw! How cool is that unexpected surprise? By this time next weekend I'll have a brand new hardwood floor installed and step 2 of project craft room will have been completed.

The plan is to move from the kitchen table to a beautifully organized and inspiring craft space, the space I have dreamed of for years and am finally making a reality! Thank you Sheri Gaynor (Creative Awakenings) and Kelly Rae Roberts (Taking Flight) for your truly motivating messages of love and possibility. 

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  1. Hi Kellie -

    Well good for you! Now can you send a little of that enthusiasm over to me - LOL! Would you believe I'm still saying that I am working on my studio and have not done a thing? It's been almost 2 years. Between weekend visits to my 103 year old grandmother at the nursing home, work, etc., I look at the studio, say OMG, and walk out. But of course I always manage to throw in my newest "must have" purchase. My problem is that I'm not enjoying my studio, I have all the furniture I bought at Ikea for it, but when I have a day off, I'm so overwhelmed by the piles of things that I allow myself to get distracted, sigh.
    So I am so very happy that you have taken that first step. Send some of that get up and go my way dear friend. Lord knows I need it.
    Have fun on your trip with your Dad!!

    Elaine Allen



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