Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Artfest 2011 Part III ~ Iron Chef Artist Challenge

On Thursday evening something called the Iron Chef Artist Challenge was held.

Clarissa Callesen immersed in the creative process
18 of the Artfest instructors received a kit with various items ranging from a barbie, rubber bugs and pipe cleaners to a small, wooden box, an artist board and plastic balls to name a few.

Melissa Callesen's altered doll
The instructions were that each artist had to use a minimum of 5 items from the kit plus whatever items or supplies of their own that they had on hand.

a lovely collage piece ~ I love this
 The artists had 45 minutes to create their pieces which were auctioned off in a silent auction later on during Artfest.

a shrine goddess, I liked this piece
 Tables were set up around the outer perimeter of the room, one for each artist. This allowed those of us onlookers to more easily work the room and watch the artists' progress.

Jesse Reno dances to the beat of his own drum
 Instructors who participated included Michael DeMengMelissa ManleyClarissa Callesen and Jesse Reno to name a few.

Michael DeMeng busy at work
I made several passes around the room, snapping photos along the way. To be able to create a finished piece in 45 minutes as hundreds of people file past you taking photographs is no small feat in my opinion. 

Michael DeMeng's demented doll
 While I haven't posted every photo I too, I did post the more memorable ones. These do not necessarily represent styles I like but I found them interesting to look at plus these people seemed to have a crowd around their table by the end of the evening so of course I was curious.

Melissa Manley's wired barbie

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