Saturday, December 3, 2011

Red Tull Dress - Confection Perfection!

I just had to post this magnificent red tulle dress. With winter being so full of holidays I may not be able to be able to stick to making just one dress. 

shop Windsor to find this dress
That said, why would I want to limit myself to one when confections like this divine dress exists to ignite my paper couture creativity.

gorgeous weaving effect on the bodice
The weaving effect on the bodice might be a bit much for our purposes so I'll probably just opt out of doing anything like that. Although, if using 1/8 inch satin ribbon, this could work!

blue glittered tulle and white instead of red?
I really like this! What do you think about exploring this idea and turning it into a winter dress? It would be very easy to simply use some sparkling white papers and a little glittered pale blue tulle, yes? We'll ponder that for awhile.

Note: I am unsure of the original source of these image since they seem to appear on multiple sites online vendors so I have linked these photos to an online retailer called Windsor in case you decide you can't live without this dress.


  1. That is one beautiful dress!! Can't wait to see what your talented hands will bring.

  2. This dress is amazing! Really anxious to see what you come with:)



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