Friday, October 15, 2010

My Painting Predicament

I have had some difficulty deciding what color to paint the baseboards in the craft room. I have tried at least a half a dozen colors, most of which can be seen here. A few have even been tried twice and so far nothing is knocking my socks off. That elusive "yes" moment when you know you've nailed the perfect solution for you has yet to present itself to me.

No pressure though. Dad comes over today to rip the carpet out and put down the underlayment which makes this the absolute most perfect time to paint without having to tape off to keep from mixing wall color with trim color.

It sure would be nice to come to a solid decision on what color to paint the trim before the floor goes in tomorrow. Perhaps I'll go with white. At this point not only does it sound like the most appealing option but also the safest.  I can always accent with color in my furniture and fabric choices.

Say goodbye to the standard box room. Phases 3 and 4 of project craft room commence today! Wish me luck on my first ever paint job.


  1. Good luck dear one! New paint is always so exciting!! I love the bluish one...second from the right!
    Have fun and enjoy the process

  2. Kellie -

    I have faith that you will do a splendid job. Can't wait to see the photos of it painted.


  3. Thank you ladies. I have made a decision about the paint and I LOVE it! Pictures coming.

    Hugs! =D



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