Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paper Obscenity or Obsession?

You never know just how much you have of something until you put it all in one place. Part of my craft nightmare is that I have paper oozing from every corner of my humble condo. Visiting 5 paper stashes spanning 3 rooms just to find the right paper for the project is not an effective use of craft time. *she admits, nearly blushing*

Before Consolidation
 Believe it or not the above picture is before I consolidated my paper into fewer bags. This closet is about 2 1/2 feet by 4 feet which gives you an idea of the impressive amount of paper you see in it. I hoard paper like every sheet is the last of its kind. Sometimes it is. I would like to drop the mindset that I'll never find another sheet of paper I like as much as I like my latest purchase. Is this obscenity or obsession?

After Consolidation
Clearly my fears are unfound. This is the after picture. I've discarded bits of scraps, there are now fewer bags and the difference is not shown in the quantity but in the organization. Bags are actually organized by type of paper from 12 X 12 to rolled light weight and flat watercolor. My mind feels lighter already without the load of "where in the hell did I put that sheet of paper" weighing on it.

Phoebe in Paperland
This is one of my new kitties, Phoebe. She and her sister, Flora eagerly volunteered to help with shredding and any ribbon unraveling projects I might have. They are such characters. Next up, Kellie paints her first room. Toodles for now.

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  1. Kellie -

    It is neither obscenity or obsession (well maybe a little obsession). I see it as necessity. After all, paper is your stock and trade. Paper is your tool, the element your mind chooses to manifest its creativity with. You write on it, you mold it, you give it life. So in my eyes, paper is an intricate part of Kellie and therefore your paper stash is completely justified.
    Ah, now I don't feel so bad about my stash - LOL! Phoebe is a beauty, where is Flora's photo?





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