Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Art of the Mermaid

Pretty mermaid art begins with a pretty face. I have spent hours drawing faces and have discovered an emerging style that is quite uniquely mine. My mermaids all want to have big, almond shaped eyes, little button noses, full, pouty lips and flowing, art nouveau hair.

After drawing this first girl, inspiration has struck and my mermaid muse now has a name. She is called Coraline, named after the vibrantly colored great barrier reefs of the South Pacific. In dreams she whispers to me, great tales of her travels to Atlantis. So that is what this painting will be about.

These girls will make perfect mermaids. They have a little mystery to their look that is part of their charm. It is that mystery that will hypnotize you into staying awhile. Once you've been hypnotized by a mermaid, a little bit of your soul becomes forever mermaid. It means you have been invited to share their world and you may visit as often as you wish.


  1. I am in love with Coraline! She is beautiful and they eyes are enchanting! As you say...she has cast a spell on me!!
    Hugging you

  2. I never learned to draw a face - I just did it and that is probably why I still draw like I did when I was in 8th grade.

    I am also don't like hands to draw.

    Your faces are beautiful and the lips make me think of the 1920's or 30's Victorian dolls.



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