Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drawing with Colored Pencil

I have so far attempted 4 versions of face drawing with colored pencil and none of them have been taken to what I would consider a finished state but that's okay. The important thing is what I've learned so far. It pays to take my time and build my pencil color in layers. I am going for a peachy, porcelain like finish in warm tones and want my features to resemble something like my graphite drawings.  In the version below I was in too much of a hurry to get finished and added the pupils with black marker. Mistake!

color version #3
In the version below I spent more time but I could go further with the blending and it wouldn't hurt to apply some paint glazes and a little more pink and yellow ochre. I approached the shading in the same way I did with my graphite drawings, something I didn't do in the first 3 versions simply because I wanted to experiment. The features look good. The red-purple color used to outline the eyes and nose gave her a bruised look when I burnished so perhaps a warm brown would work better in the next version.

color version #4

I painted over her with clear gesso and lightly sanded after it dried then applied more pencil. The pencil does not seem to burnish as well after the gesso goes on but it sure does take that pencil quite nicely. It's good for going back over darker areas or adding texture. I shall keep practicing but I think I'm on the right track. Note to self, there's no better time than now, you can do it! Be fearless.

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