Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Face of the Coraline Mermaid

1 week and 12 faces later, I've done it! I have finally drawn a face that is exactly what I want it to be and here she is. Perceptually, she doesn't look much different from the last two but there are some subtle differences. The pupil placement is more true to life in the center of the eye than off center even though the latter works in illustration. I narrowed the eye shape just a little and brought the bottom lid up. Lastly, her nose isn't quite so flared, a detail that was bugging me a bit in some of the other renditions.

The face of the Coraline Mermaid
I now find myself ready to progress to the next phase which will be to draw a color versions of the Coraline mermaid using colored pencil. This should not take me too long since most of the leg work was done with the graphite to get the composition and placement right without color getting in the way. I'm so excited! Follow this Kell Belle Studio mermaid journey and watch the evolution and transformation into my first significant mixed media paper sculpture with charm.


  1. She certainly is beautiful. How satisfying it must feel for you to have accomplished exactly what you wanted as the outcome. Happy coloring...

  2. Hi Kellie,

    Coraline is beautiful. What a lovely job you've done on her eyes. They really speak to you.

    Elaine Allen

  3. Hi Elaine,

    Thank you so much. I LOVE her too. She really does have terrific eyes. So nice to see you. Wishing you a sparkling, blissful day.




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