Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Play With Face Drawing

I'm having one hell of a good time with my face drawing. I'm learning so much just practicing and making small little changes here and there. Play around with size and placement. Subtle changes can make big differences in your faces sketch.

Do I look like I bite?
This face was drawn in a more freehand style. I first drew an oval and then gridded it off to get the features placed correctly. I then took this drawing into Photoshop and added some color to the eyes, mouth and hair jewel. The hairstyle is actually copied from a digital drawing done by Shwe Thiri Khit on Etsy.

Heirloom Girl ~ You are timeless
This next face drawing was created using the same grid I've been using with a few changes to get it to look more like the previous drawing. I made the nose smaller and brought it up a little higher. The lips are also smaller but placement in relation to the nose remained the same. What a difference!

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