Friday, July 8, 2011

Paper Couture III: Marie Antoinette Paper Hair

Marie Antoinette is such a rich source of inspiration for many that paper couture can not ignore the possibilities for creating exquisite paper hair. The combined artistic talents of Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry of the Paper Cut Project are the driving force behind these cutting edge, paper wig installations.

Full of energy and fun, this first wig is probably my favorite of the 3 I've selected to show you here. I can't help but see endless possibilities for incorporating paper vines and other botanical themes into a similar hairdo, something I've been dying to try for some time now. 

"Wig 3"

There is something positively magical and intriguing about the combination of the soothing, crisp lines of the front of this Marie Antoinette coiffe juxtaposed against piles of energetically, swirling curls in back. The eye begins its exploration peacefully as if on a motionless pond only to find itself summersaulting through endless fields of sun kissed wildflowers dancing in the breeze. What a visual treat!

"Wig 7" 
This sweet and sassy little number beautifully combines shorter tight curls in front with longer more relaxed strands in back. I imagine that if Marie were living among us today, she might be sporting a hairdo similar to this. Understated extravagance meets the 21st century. We would expect nothing less.

Note: All images associated with this post remain the copyrighted, intellectual property of Nikki Salk, Amy Flurry and the Paper Cut Project.


  1. What wonderful sculptural images!! Love them!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Very beautiful images. Are you aware what shape your face will be? If you do not, it can be time period to find out. Confronts may be classified in to various teams: oblong, sq ., rectangular shape, spherical, heart-shaped, and also very long. A single Hair Cut may glimpse wonderful when using oblong face nevertheless absurd on a sq . face. The scissors can snip the wonder for you to sleeker whichever shape your face was in.



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