Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vintage Flea Market Finds

Okay so I didn't exactly go vintage junking at the flea market. It was more like I drove to my local Jo-Ann Fabric & Crap store. Ha! Flea market sounded so much more romantic though didn't it?

rhinestone buttons are a steal at only $10 a pair 
I found some rhinestone buttons I thought would make great paper flower centers. Didn't even look at the price before adding to my basket and about fell over when I discovered they were $10 a pair. Hope the paramedics that come to treat my sticker shock are cute!

pink crystals on silk ribbon & vintage lace
Pale pink crystals are just luscious nestled in piles of white, silk ribbon and will make elegant dangling baubles for curly wire. As for the ribbon, are you thinking flirty drop waist dress yet?

pearls and lace with a touch of rose
Creamy glass pearls and vintage lace with just a hint of dusty rose is a classic vintage look I can't help but drool over every time I see it especially in an off the shoulder kind of way. Can't wait to show off the finished piece. Stay tuned!

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