Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paper Couture IV: The Perfect Paper Dress

As I tended to my garden of dreams on the eve of the last full moon, an enchanted fairy princess did visit me and whispered in my ear.

The Butterfly Catcher
"The date of the mid summer night ball will soon be here and it would be so lovely if I could arrive draped in the finest paper dress this year," said she.

Ballet Assemblage 3 - The Gypsy
"Only the best will do for a grand occasion such as this," said I and wasted not a second in suggesting that she flutter her way to Ms. Messie Jessie's shoppe since I've been told she makes the most exquisite frocks.

Assemblage Dress Collection
With so many scrumptious and beautiful gowns from which to choose, the fairy princess found that narrowing down the selection to only one was quite a task indeed.

Part of the Rosebud Ballet Series
Luxurious vintage fabrics combined with piles of perfect pleats, sprinkled with charm and heaped with imagination, these dresses were everything the princess could ever hope to find and more!

The Original Ballet Dress
She had searched high and low for that perfect little dress and did agree with me that Ms. Messie Jessie's closet truly has the best.

Assemblage - Sari
Clouds began to part and angels did sing when the fairy princess caught sight of this heavenly thing. A  little hot pink and bit of tulle really make this number flirty and fun. So the princess had it wrapped and away she went confident that she would reign as belle of the mid summer night's ball.

Assemblage - Valentine
I searched the internet for hours looking for some shred of charm in a paper dress that didn't include a super model. I was seeing dresses in leaves and floor tile patterns until I found this shoppe and literally fell in love. Sue, your dresses are superior! Thank you so much for the visual treat.

Note: All images posted in association with this listing remain the copyrighted intellectual property of Messie Jessie and Sue Griffiths.


  1. Thank you for sharing the delightful dresses. I hope you are doing well.


  2. Hi Tammy,

    I am very well these days. I'm just tickled you came by. Aren't these just the best ever?! These have got to be some of the most charming dresses out there. I love them! :)


  3. Hi Kellie. Glad you like my work. Thanks for the post. Love the stroy behind it :-)

    Sue x



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