Sunday, October 2, 2011

Feeling Blue

Why do I feel so sad today? Is it post drama depression syndrome from spending a week looking for a missing cat or the fact that my dad who has been living with me for the past 7 months, departed early this morning to return to sunny Phoenix?

I've been living on my own for so long that I didn't realize how nice it is to have another person around and today the place just feels so empty. I hate being the one who is left. Even as a kid when the cousins would come visit for the holidays, I always felt this intense melancholy the day they left.

I'll get over the feeling within the week I'm sure but today all I want to do is curl up, hide away from the world and not do much of anything.


  1. I hope that you start feeling more cheery soon...
    At least you have your kitty home safe!

  2. Sending you big and gentle hugs

  3. i lost my husband 6 months ago and i still feel takes time...we had 15 years... got three adorable boys... here is a hug from me to you..



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