Thursday, February 9, 2012

Change Almost Anything in 21 Days

A year ago I nearly lost my job. I had a new boss I wasn't getting along with, I hated what I was doing and my relationships with my co-workers and management were strained. Needless to say my attitude was in the crapper.

I knew I was headed down a very destructive path so I made the decision to change my thinking. I began practicing forgiveness, I embraced challenge as opportunities for change and I used affirmations. 3 months after I made that decision things at work began to change.

Today, I am friends with my boss, I've completely changed the perception management had of me, I get along with my co-workers, my job duties have changed to something I really enjoy and I'm being given opportunities I've never had before!

I am a walking testament to the power of affirmations. I won't say that this is easy because it isn't. It's so much easier to remain in our comfort zones and keep making the same choices we made yesterday than it is to make changes but it is soooo worth it!

Today I'm making another change. I want to apply the transformations I saw at work to other areas of my life so I thought I would share what's on my reading list this month. Come join me over the next 21 days and prove to yourself how powerful affirmations can be.

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