Thursday, February 23, 2012

Change Almost Anything in 21 Days - Day 15

At first I resisted some of the affirmations I read in the book but resistance to anything is an indication that a lesson can be learned.

there is lots of power in simply being willing to be willing
Burn the karmic seeds and end the pattern.  I have a healthy envy of successfully, self employed artists and as I awaken, I realize how much better I feel using the affirmation to help change the pattern.

see opportunity for change in every challenge and welcome it
Soon I'll be able to move from "I am willing to be willing" to "I am willing." Even in that small increment, changes are taking place!

trust that you will know when to move from willing to doing
By changing the landscape of thought from within, changes from without will also necessarily take place. They must, it is law! Most of all, try to make this fun and change will happen even faster!

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  1. Definitely making changes in our lives fun will make it easier and faster for sure.
    Enjoy the journey



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