Monday, February 20, 2012

Change Almost Anything in 21 Days - Day 12

While trying to come up with a good affirmation to use for 21 days, I noticed that my mind came up with lots of reasons why I should stick to something small at first. Isn't that interesting?

my old blank journal
Moral: Don't believe everything you think. Your mind will try to keep you tied to habitual ways but those moments hold your greatest opportunities for change.

what are some of your excuses?
I write my affirmations just before going to sleep and the past few nights I've started falling asleep while writing them. Falling asleep is an excuse to avoid moving past discomfort.

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What are some of the excuses you use? Are they true? Can you be absolutely certain they are true? What might your life look like if you could no longer use those excuses? Comments welcome.

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  1. me thinking here. Excuses....have quite a few lately. Better start rethinking them for sure.
    Thanks hun



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