Saturday, February 25, 2012

Have You Heard of the Micromovement?

Do you have a difficult time starting or finishing projects? Do you find that you spend more time thinking about your dreams than you do putting your big plans into action?

I think you're gonna love the concept behind the micromovement! Most of us can do anything for 5 seconds to 5 minutes right? Easy peasy!

I'm going to task you with a project this week and here it is. Simply schedule your next micromovement on your calendar. That's it!

If you feel really ambitious, blog about your completed micromovement. Leave a comment here along with a link to your post.

I'll create a blog post next Saturday and include a link to your micromovement post so we can help you celebrate your baby steps to your dream.

Note: Written passages are direct quotes from the book "Make Your Creative Dreams Real" by SARK.


  1. Have you been inside my head Kellie? LOL! I am notorious for starting a project for myself and then getting sidetracked and forgetting about it. Now if I am making something for someone else, I stay at it until I am done. But I am trying to change that. I started a doll in a dollmaking class (sculpted the head out of paperclay). And normally if I didn't finish it in the class, it would sit in the studio for . . . well forever. But not this time. I am making at effort to get him (he's a rabbit) painted and dressed. I am tackling him a little at a time, so hopefully he will be completed someday. And by someday I mean hopefully within the next 2 months! I'll send you a photo when he is done.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Haha! Elaine, I this gal TOTALLY got into my head! She literally nailed it for me when she talked about the procrastinator/perfectionist. Maybe I'll post that passage. I really love her micromovement idea!




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