Friday, October 5, 2012

A Little Respect Please

I am beginning to get quite a few questions about my methods and processes so let me just nip those in bud right now.  Everything I know about paper today came as a result of years of trial and error or tutorials and classes that I've PAID for.  What I've learned has culminated and been adapted into the the work you see today.

I have a $20k degree in graphic design and offer some of that expertise to you for free.  I reserve the right not to explain in full detail everything I've learned along my creative way.  You were blessed with the gift of creativity of your own and I expect you to use some of it when using my templates or drawing inspiration.  I do not expect my work to be straight copied and sold as your own.

That said, when I am ready to offer more of my knowledge to the public it will be via paid tutorials just like every other self respecting artist.  Please be mindful of this before asking questions about how I create something or leaving snarky comments.  If you don't see it explained already, there was a reason for it.  Feel free to insert your own creativity at that point.  Thanks.

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