Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ooh La La! Sexy French Hosiery

Ah! I feel much better this week and thankfully not quite so gritchy! How do you feel about sexy french hosiery?  Armed with a vintage advertisement, some old paper textures, a few ephemeral bits and a little imagination I came up with this french inspired, digital collage that I just love!

french hosiery digital collage ©Kell Belle Studio
The original hosiery ad (below) was found on the Free Vintage Digital Images blog and was simply too irresistible for me to pass up.  I think it's an elegant change of pace from all the tired dress form and corset collages I'm seeing out there.

1940 vintage hosiery advertisement
Wait . . . that's right! I too have jumped on the tired corset collages bandwagon.  Ha! Why reinvent the wheel?!  I've been busy with a series of boudoir collages created in that aged, vintage, french style everyone seems to love these days so look for those to hit the Le Charmed Life shop pretty soon.

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  1. my gosh so cute ,i really need to get doing more with my graphic design ,i need to master this drawing tablet.
    i'm hating not having a working printer right now i so want to follow on with the diaries.
    hope all is well there kellie



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