Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bird Divination - The Answers to your Questions

Yesterday I posed the question about what a flock of birds might symbolize. After a little reading I discovered that I've really only touched the surface about what birds can tell you about what is to come for you. You can look at things like how they fly. Are they flying straight or weaving in and out? How many are there? What kind of birds are they? What do these images mean to you? Is it smooth sailing or chaos? Is it crowded or lonely?

The cardinal symbolizes life-changing events taking care of your health.
via Capella University - other meanings can also be found in this article
I did get one response yesterday from someone who suggested that a flock of birds flying overhead could foretell of trouble on the way since they may have taken flight to escape a predator. Firstly I would ask my commenter where in their life they feel like they need to escape from trouble? Reading the tarot is all about interpreting symbolism just like this and your perceptions most definitely play into what's happening in your life right now.

The other part of my commenter's response had to do with winds of change being stirred up. Okay, good! That makes me think of cycles. The end of one cycle usually means the beginning of another like summer turning to autumn which is when birds start thinking about heading to Palm Springs to winter with the other snow birds including those of the human variety. Ah! Another bird metaphor.

The images conjured up for me by that flock of birds were: flying south for the winter, spreading my wings and taking flight. The last two ideas were all about transitioning from total beginner to someone with enough understanding that I could begin incorporating my own style into my tarot reading and aromatherapy and that fills me with optimism. My dream is moving from the nebulous ether and beginning to solidify into manifested reality.

Here's something you can try next time you are driving and you have a burning question you want answered. Ask the birds. One bird flying from right to left could symbolize a yes answer and one bird flying from left to right could symbolize a no answer, or reverse them, it really doesn't matter. Just don't reverse after you receive an answer just because a no bird flew by and you really wanted a yes bird answer. Ask your question and wait for the first bird you see to give you your answer. Have fun! :)

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  1. A friend once told me that there is always 2 dove roosting near a home, when someone is near or on their death bed. Once that person passes, one dove will fly North and the other will fly South. I have been curious to this phenomenon, ever since.



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