Monday, August 12, 2013

What Does a Flock of Birds Symbolize?

Okay, so now I'm beginning to see omens in the every day. The other night while driving home from my psychic class I saw a large flock of birds flying overhead. The imagination was suddenly engaged with possibility about what this could represent.

what images come to you from a flock of birds?
What metaphors can you draw from a flock of birds?  How do they relate to what is currently going on in your life? I'll tell you what I came up with tomorrow but today I invite you to tell me what speaks to you about a flock of birds. I may learn something from you that I hadn't considered and vice versa.

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  1. I see it two ways, 1. Something scared them, meaning something bad may be coming your way.Seems they never fly into the direct path of where trouble is coming from. 2. That could mean the winds of change have been stirred up.



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