Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Living the Magical Life: Let It Go

Lately, whenever I start to get upset about something I start to ask myself this question. What am I afraid will happen if I just let this go? Surprisingly, the mind actually stops its chatter to briefly ponder this question. Mine generally can't come up with an answer that makes any sense.

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My father miniaturizes his frustrations. He plops them in an imaginary box, closes the lid and thinks of them no more. In this way the anger stops with us and is not perpetuated. This is the only way to find true peace in the world.

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  1. Dear Kellie, whatever works for you, then do it! I know that people are not all believers and therefore, not everyone reads the Bible. But for me, this is what settles me. A good Bible reading. Something else that sometimes helps is visualization. Last night I discovered on You Tube interesting scenarios being acted out relating to all sorts of nature adventures. For me, to visualize such things and live them vicariously is a fun thing to do. In this way, even though I recently turned seventy-two, I can once again be in my twenties and swing on jungle vines, go on mountain climbing expeditions with the best of them, swim in the deepest part of the ocean with sharks, etc., etc. The mind is such an amazing instrument, isn't it?!! It can take us wherever we want to go.



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