Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me Today

When I was a kid my birthday was always bitter sweet. I could not wait for it to come because it meant fun goodies for me but it also marked the end of summer and the return of the school year which was not so exciting to think about.

"Let Them eat Cake" on Pinterest
I have posted very little this past month. It's been nice to have the breather for awhile, kind of like my summer vacation. Still working on Halloween projects so look for those to show up in the coming weeks. In the meantime, join me for cake and coffee. Cheers!


  1. Hi Kellie,

    Happy Birthday to you!
    I've finally returned to my blog
    after a very long absence. It's good
    to be back.

    May all of your wishes come true,
    Steph ♥

  2. Happy Birthday, Kell Belle! My Birthday is next week, on the 5th. I'll be 50! Yikes! A milestone, right? Hope your day is fabulous and full of love and laughter and many new happy memories :)

    1. Happy belated birthday Laura! Gawd I meant to visit you on your birthday and didn't. Hope it was a good day for you. Mine was a good one. You and I are very close to the same age, my milestone is coming up in 2 years.

      All the best to you,

  3. Happy Birthday Kellie, I am really enjoying your new blog, your paper art is simply gorgeous! Have a very blessed day! -Ginger

  4. Happy Birthday, Kellie. I also like every section of your blog especially since I am a new blogger. Have a wonderful day. ~Melissa

  5. Happy Birthday Kellie. Wishing you a wonderful year!
    Greetings from Holland!
    with love,

  6. Happy Birthday Kellie Girl!

    I hope your day is as special and sweet as you are. Enjoy yourself!!

    Elaine Allen

  7. Happy Birthday
    Mine is also bittersweet but as I'm on the other side of the world it's six months away

  8. Happy Birthday Kellie
    Mine is always a little sad for the same reason but as I'm on the other side of the world it's six months away
    Have a great day



Each and every comment adds a bit of cheer to my day. Thank you so much for popping over. I hope to see you again soon.