Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Halloween Apothecary Labels

In researching ideas for Halloween apothecary labels, I came across every kind of aged, nasty and otherwise creepy crawly item ideas that could be put in a jar and labeled. I love scary and the aged, distressed looks but does scary have to be gross too?
Halloween apothecary labels  on Etsy
I know it's all in good fun but how about a little intrigue to go with those petrified tarantula turds and vomit flavored jelly beans? While we're at it, could it be just a little bit pretty or is the combination of pretty and Halloween too much of a dichotomy to pull off successfully?
cloaking pills and love potion apothecary labels
What the hey, I'm an artist and artists can do whatever they want, right? If you care to see the whole collection, pop on over to the Kell Belle Boutique on Etsy. The description also contains a free, ice breaker party idea for using the labels as part of a game to help engage your guests. Enjoy!

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