Sunday, September 22, 2013

Subtle Energy Experiments on the Cat

As you already know, I am pursuing knowledge in the art of subtle energy healing with essential oils. One of the books currently on my reading table gave a warm up exercise for starting the flow of energy through the hands. Basically you rub your hands together and let them naturally expand apart in response to the amount of energy generated between them. Here's what happened when I decided to play with it.

courtesy of Mistico Universe Holistic Therapies
One morning during meditation it spontaneously occurred to me to perform this simple warm up exercise. No sooner had I begun when my cat jumped up into my lap. I placed my hands one on either side about two inches away from her body and began to move them along her length. As I did so the base of her tail began to bush out like it would if she were confronted by another cat. She wasn't agitated, upset or scared and she stayed with me. I think she may have even enjoyed it.

courtesy of The Spirit Science
This magnificent creature had responded to me by giving me irrefutable, non verbal proof that she could feel whatever energy I was generating. I was so excited that a few days later I tried the exercise again in the same manner on the same cat. The results were the same in that she again responded with a bushy tail and the fur on her back standing slightly on end! The experiment was both repeatable and reproducible. Amazing!

my kitties Flora (left) and Phoebe (right) - Flora was my subject
I hadn't used any essential oils on either of these two occasions but the next step would be to try anointing my hands prior to performing the ritual just to note any differences if there are any. The human body is surrounded by several subtle energy fields. You need only close your eyes and place your hand a few inches away from the space between your eyes to understand what I mean. What did you feel when you tried this?


  1. very interesting Kellie... my daughter is a yoga teacher and talks about chakra's often. Besides being vegan she relies on alternative medicines, acupuncture and essential oils.

  2. Kelly...I found you....I knew I would somehow.
    First I love the oils and what you did to the cat...That was really cool.
    How have you been doing? Let me know...
    Marie Antoinette

  3. I found you by chance whilst searching for inspiration for a fairy/angel swap I am hosting - you have such wonderful creative energy and I have had such a good time browsing. I use energy from hands when our family are unwell and I agree with you that animals respond extremely well.



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