Monday, April 18, 2011

Artfest 2011 Part II ~ Spirit Dolls

Day 1 of Artfest was spent with Robert Smith learning how to create spirit dolls using wire and hog gut. We were given simple instructions for twisting and bending the wire to making a few simple shapes and off we went.
my spirit doll in progress
This was the first time I had ever worked with wire so my lack of creativity was evident when I set about to straight copy an example that was provided by Robert. The example I copied was actually created by Melissa Manley, his lovely girlfriend and artist with a degree in metal working. No wonder I was compelled to copy. Haha!

the lovely gals of Spirit Dolls class
I was amazed at what the other 12 gals in the class with me were able to dream up and create during the time we had. Some had more experience than others but most were able to produce something rather cool looking by the time class was over.

examples of what can be made with wire and hog gut
The top photo shows and example of a doll Robert created which is the top middle. The two pieces on either side of it were created by students in the class.  They are impressive aren't they? One gal even created a mermaid which turned out really wonderfully.

extra hog gut anyone?
At the end of class, Robert still had some extra intestine which he handed out liberally. He was determined not to fly back home with it. Thanks Robert for your time. I truly enjoyed the experience. Although I love the effect the hog gut creates, the next time I try this I may opt for using tissue paper instead.

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  1. Hi Kellie -

    Sounds like an awesome class. Although I have to agree, I think I'd use tissue paper. Hog guts - eeyuck!

    Elaine Allen



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