Friday, June 29, 2012

Boho Gypsy Shoe Inspiration

Oh yeah! This is it! Found these vintage looking boho gypsy shoes on Ullubenula's blog and they are divine! These gypsy shoes provide the perfect inspiration for the paper shoe project I threatened to post a couple of weeks ago.
vintage ullabenulla gypsy shoes
I don't know why I'm suddenly on this boho kick but it's kinda fun and I'm finding some really gorgeous stuff! Wish I could see the heel on these beauties but that's what imagination is for! Anywho, I'll post a template pretty soon.

Image credit: Courtesy of Ullabenulla

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boho Style

I've heard of it but what exactly is boho style? You would think I would know this since Bohemian is part of my heritage. This is what happens when you spend time surfing Pinterest. You discover new styles you never knew you loved!

antique photo of Bohemian gypsy girl
This is a fantastic antique photo of a Bohemian gypsy and what a great dress! Further image searches turned up some very intriguing photos of victorian inspired clothing, gypsy wagons and some of the most inviting interiors I've seen.

fanciful room from Magnolia Pearl Ranch
I don't know how I'll incorporate this into my art but I know I'll think of something! Please visit The Bohemian Gypsy which is one of my boards on Pinterest and watch me build my boho style!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Digital Collage Play

I took a break from paper art this past weekend to play around with some digital collage. I hunted and hunted for some rose patterned paper I could use and surprisingly found nothing that really blew my skirt up.

digital french rose collage ©Kell Belle Studio
That being the case, I created this rose graphic. This is kind of rough as I just threw it together. With a little more work it will look great in my own digital scrapbook paper. Don't you just love how it is shaping up?! I think it's yummy!

Note: Image not for download!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Decorative Paper Dress Stand

Now that I'm ready to get busy creating a decorative paper dress stand for my work, I thought I would show you something in the neighborhood of what I have in mind.

divine Paula Joerling paper dress - SOLD
I came across Paula Joerling's work awhile ago. This dress has quite a bit more dimension than the ones I currently create. Perhaps I might try my hand at something a little more dimensionally robust.

free standing paper dress form base
The dress stand I'm thinking of will incorporate elements of my free standing dress form doll bases like the one shown above. I also want it to have an old vintage, rough but romantic look to it.

Paper dress image credit: Paula Joerling

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Reading List: Emotional Freedom Tecnhique (EFT)

The emotional freedom technique. Don't you just love how that sounds? I'm so intrigued by the concept that I ordered this book which also includes a DVD. Goodie! I love visuals.

purchase on Amazon for under $15.00

The concept behind EFT is that by tapping the meridians of the body in sequence, you can change belief patterns that hold you back from living your dream life. I can't wait to try this!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Paper Corset Project?

I'm not ready to be done with paper dresses just yet but I would like to expand a little bit to include, of all things, corsets! Could a whole year be devoted to the study and creation of those alone?

read more about this victorian corset at LaraCorsets
A project idea is definitely developing that would run simultaneously with creating paper dresses, shoes, hats whilst also incorporating a free standing dress form. Oh my! Prepare for another year of paper fun!!

Photo credit for corset image: Lara of

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Paper Couture XXV - Ballerina Muse

The Paper Wardrobe Project is proud to present your paper dress template for July. This one is called Ballerina Muse in honor of my own muse who decided to do things her way this time.

ballerina paper dress template 5" x 7"
As always, the video below is provided to help you with a little inspiration for embellishing your girl. This is the final template for the paper couture project. I hope you have enjoyed the year in paper couture.

I'll be announcing a new project shortly so be sure to check back to find out what we'll be doing next! You won't want to miss this. ;)

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Audacious Ballerina Muse

Like the willful child who won't be told what to do by her parents, I have the most audacious ballerina muse boldly reminding me whose really in creative control here.
ballerina dress in yellow - front view
Originally July's paper couture dress was to be something in the neighborhood of Zorita burlesque in yellow and aqua but clearly my muse had other plans.
ballerina muse paper dress back view
Dressed in cheerful yellow with zero aqua accents, this lil ballerina girl is the cutest kid in the forest. She's kinda full of herself right now so I'll just let her pirouette around for awhile. *snicker*

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Antique Paper Dolls

I wasn't looking for antique paper dolls in particular but I happened to come across EKDuncan and fell in love with Evelyn's many paper doll offerings.

articulated antique paper doll - Lillian Russell
Oh my but they are heavenly! I think what appeals to me most is the healthy plumpness of these girls save the waist which looks like it has undergone years of tortuous transformation by the corset. *cringe*

original torso that came with the dolls
This doll is a Lillian Russell reproduction which happened to be my favorite so I'm posting it here. EKDuncan has many more dolls so be sure to pop on over for more styles and colors.

Note: Images associated with this post remain the copyrighted, intellectual property of Evelyn of EKDuncan. Please read her terms of use before downloading.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Featured Artist: Despoina

Remember how I keep saying to post links to your work so we can all see your glorious paper dress creations? Meet Despoina of Μαγνάδι.
green fairy paper dress by Despoina

Despoina created her version of my green fairy paper dress and did such an enchanting job with it that I asked her for permission to share it with you here.

close up of Despoina's roses
This dress actually looks to have some elements of the white fairy dress too and beautiful in every way. Thank you, Despoina! I love it!

Note: Photographs associated with this post remain the copyrighted intellectual property of Despoina and Magnadi.

Monday, June 11, 2012

How to Make Decorative Paper

I'm having a hell of a time coming up with a color theme for Miss July. Can you believe that? Ultimately these girls become exactly what they want to become and I'm afraid I'm just along for the ride. Creativity at its finest, eh?
make your own mixed media paper
The yellow was easy. Thankfully we both agreed on that. After a day spent perfecting a blue toile pattern, it became clear it wasn't going to happen. Back to the drawing board with me. What a drag!

Think outside the box! Make your own paper came the voice from within. So I got out a fresh sheet of paper, some paint, a rubber stamp and voila! All is right with the world again.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Did Someone Say Paper Shoe?

Oh my! I've really got you thinking now don't I?! I have this tray right next to my work area where all the crap that doesn't end up in a finished project (yet) but that I don't want to throw out seems to land.

What? You you've got one too? *haha* Awesome!!
Lookie what I found in that tray! I still love this shoe. For all the stuff that was piled on top of it I think it has fared rather well, don't you?
paper shoe in white with heel
Anywho, I think we should do a project. Yes, I'm going to give you a template for this just as soon as I dig it up. Yaaaay!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Life After the Paper Wardrobe Project Ends?

Some of you may be wondering if there is life after the paper wardrobe project ends in July, to which I will reply, but of course! I've enjoyed the year in paper dresses so much that I will continue along the paper couture path.

project bloopers - I know, you thought I was perfect!
Just what the new project will be, I haven't quite decided. The ideas I'm kicking around seem to be a natural evolution of the paper dresses so stay tuned as I will announce soon.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Magic of the White Fairy

As ethereal as moon beams, White Fairy glows in flowing white skirts with touches of pale green that align her with the magical energies of nature.
white fairy paper tutu dress
With pale pink roses and oh so delicate touches of flourish, she is the picture of fairy perfection! I'll leave you to imagine the whisper of her fluttering wings!
white fairy paper dress back view

There's no template for this one, girls. She's all mine! The video below will show you how I put her together just to give you some inspiration about just how creative you can get with these.

If you have a project you would like to share, please do leave a link to your work in the comments. Hope you enjoyed this one!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

White Fairy Inspiration

How magical does white fairy sound? I'm a total sap for that kind of thing as if just thinking about it  could make every secret wish come true. *sigh* If only!

tutu dress - white fairy inspiration
While I'm in between monthly projects I wanted to make another paper fairy dress using the ballet tutu as inspiration and found this totally adorable little number. She'll make a divine fairy!

Note: Original source of the dress photo is unknown since the dress is no longer available for purchase.