Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Visual Snack Time: It's Vintage and Pink

Do you get excited over creamy pink and sepia tones? Does the idea of scripty french writing and vintage corsets and lingerie make your flea market loving heart flutter? If you're like me and bored of seeing the same tired corset collages with the roses pouring out of the bust line, have I've got a visual snack for you.

vintage corset digital collage ©Kell Belle Studio
From black and white to colorfully stunning I'm delighted to unveil my latest original corset and lingerie collages that you won't find anywhere else on Etsy. Sophisticated shoppers are ready for something a little more upscale. Am I right? Head on over to Le Charmed Life to see all eight images.

Note: These would make nice additions to your corset journals.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Enthusiastic over Purple Burlesque

My enthusiasm and inspiration have returned! Sometimes the creative muse decides mid stream to move in a different direction than previously planned but there's always a blessing in there somewhere. Rather than give up,  honor the muse. She just might lead you in a direction that's better than you imagined.

purple burlesque corset from costume collection
I know corsets are supposed to be described as sexy and alluring but I think this purple burlesque style corset is really sweet. A little crushed tulle, some red paper accents and this look could work really well for our vampy miss October.  Yeah! I like it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Dominatrix Corset?

I've been feeling pretty uninspired by black lately which is probably why I'm having such a difficult time finishing the corset of the month. I know it's Halloween, season of the vampire and all things black but for some reason I'm not all that enthusiastic about it.

black paper mache corset for October
Painted with black acrylic, my paper mache corset now has a bit of a shine which conjures up for me images of the dominatrix in black patent leather. Blech! Not the look I was aiming for but I'ma go with it.  I have to know what that creative muse of mine has in mind.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

French Stockings Digital Collage

I've been spending vast quantities of time working on digital collage lately. In fact, I've been consumed. These french stockings digital collages, ooh la la, do I love them! It's ever so satisfying to take bits of old clip art and ephemera and watch them take shape into something new.

french hosiery digital collage in vintage advertisement style
I've noticed that the more of these I make, the better each one gets. The only problem is now I want to go back and re-create the older collages. I won't though. Having a visual trail of my own evolution helps me appreciate how far I've come.

Note: These come in two other creamy color combinations of pink and sepia tones. Listing includes 4 different stocking designs in eight colors.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beeswax Coated Paper Game

Have you ever tried coating paper with beeswax? I have only ever used this technique to waterproof my paper after I've printed on it. The wax prevents the ink from running so I can slather acrylic medium all over it and collage to my heart's content without worry of ruining my image.

how to make beeswax coated paper
Do you have another use for beeswax coated paper? I would love to hear all about them. Leave a comment and link to your work so I can post about you. :) Coating the paper isn't difficult. For a down and dirty tutorial on how to do it, visit Crafting a Green World.

Note: Image credit to Crafting a Green World

Monday, October 15, 2012

Digital Vintage Library Cards

Something new came into the world today. I call it crack for the scrapper. Ha! Digital vintage library cards in a collage of old fountain pen advertisements and typewriter images make great journal cards.

digital library cards available in the boutique
I fell in love with typography in design school so I have a particular weakness when it comes to papers with layer after delicious layer of type and other rustic elements.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

13 Days of Halloween Paper Craft

Kids are back in school, days are getting shorter and there are an increasing number of dark and rainy days ahead but don't let that spook you. For some cute Halloween paper crafts that assemble easily in an afternoon head on over to Domestifluff for 13 holiday tutorials.

mini owl treat box from Domestifluff
This little mini owl treat box is such a cute idea for packaging holiday candy and other small items. It could even be enlarged and used as a Halloween trick or treat bag. Perhaps your swaps need a little holiday pizzaz? Use your imagination.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ooh La La! Sexy French Hosiery

Ah! I feel much better this week and thankfully not quite so gritchy! How do you feel about sexy french hosiery?  Armed with a vintage advertisement, some old paper textures, a few ephemeral bits and a little imagination I came up with this french inspired, digital collage that I just love!

french hosiery digital collage ©Kell Belle Studio
The original hosiery ad (below) was found on the Free Vintage Digital Images blog and was simply too irresistible for me to pass up.  I think it's an elegant change of pace from all the tired dress form and corset collages I'm seeing out there.

1940 vintage hosiery advertisement
Wait . . . that's right! I too have jumped on the tired corset collages bandwagon.  Ha! Why reinvent the wheel?!  I've been busy with a series of boudoir collages created in that aged, vintage, french style everyone seems to love these days so look for those to hit the Le Charmed Life shop pretty soon.

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Little Respect Please

I am beginning to get quite a few questions about my methods and processes so let me just nip those in bud right now.  Everything I know about paper today came as a result of years of trial and error or tutorials and classes that I've PAID for.  What I've learned has culminated and been adapted into the the work you see today.

I have a $20k degree in graphic design and offer some of that expertise to you for free.  I reserve the right not to explain in full detail everything I've learned along my creative way.  You were blessed with the gift of creativity of your own and I expect you to use some of it when using my templates or drawing inspiration.  I do not expect my work to be straight copied and sold as your own.

That said, when I am ready to offer more of my knowledge to the public it will be via paid tutorials just like every other self respecting artist.  Please be mindful of this before asking questions about how I create something or leaving snarky comments.  If you don't see it explained already, there was a reason for it.  Feel free to insert your own creativity at that point.  Thanks.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

October's Paper Mache Corset Takes Shape

I'm starting to get more enthusiastic about these paper mache corsets! This is the vampire corset so far although she doesn't look very vampire like at the moment, nothing a little black paint won't solve.

paper mache corset for October - work in progress
I want to savor this look for a minute. White on white, rough, torn paper edges and frayed, uneven cheese cloth make me crazy with excitement. I could almost leave her as is but not today. Love it!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Corset Couture: Tattered Alice

The blossoming young Alice comes of age to seduce the world in ravishing corset couture style. She wanted to be different, to break out of the mold and so she became a little slice of tattered, paper mache heaven.
Tattered Alice paper mache corset front view
In pursuit of an arty, more antique and aged look to my work, I did something quite a bit different with this corset. Alice is entirely hand sculpted using torn paper, cheese cloth and lacy fabric.  Isn't she just divinely imperfect?!

tattered Alice paper mache corset back view
For me, the Alice corset is about breaking out of old habits. She represents pushing beyond perfect symmetry, and embracing uncertainty. She is a liberating first work of many more like her to come.