Saturday, July 30, 2011

Paper Couture X: The Corset

What would paper couture be without covering a rich source of girly inspiration like the corset? Larissa of In a scrap of paper has put together a step by step paper corset tutorial that includes a template you can use to make your own paper corset.

free paper corset tutorial
There are so many possibilities for customizing this project to make it your own. Be creative. Have fun and maybe even be a little risky. Your creation might become something even better than you imagined.

Note: Corset image associated with this post remains the copyrighted, intellectual property of Larissa and In a scrap of paper.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brand New Vintage Lace

Would you believe me if I told you this lace was fresh off the bolt from my local craft store and not a flea market find? Isn't it wonderful!

The gal at the cutting counter said the fabric looked like vintage lace because there were already tears and stains in it. We both wondered if the fabric was made that way or if the tears and stains came later.

I didn't care because those imperfections were what drew me to this lace in the first place and I promptly bought the last remaining bit of it. I absolutely love it!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vintage Flea Market Finds

Okay so I didn't exactly go vintage junking at the flea market. It was more like I drove to my local Jo-Ann Fabric & Crap store. Ha! Flea market sounded so much more romantic though didn't it?

rhinestone buttons are a steal at only $10 a pair 
I found some rhinestone buttons I thought would make great paper flower centers. Didn't even look at the price before adding to my basket and about fell over when I discovered they were $10 a pair. Hope the paramedics that come to treat my sticker shock are cute!

pink crystals on silk ribbon & vintage lace
Pale pink crystals are just luscious nestled in piles of white, silk ribbon and will make elegant dangling baubles for curly wire. As for the ribbon, are you thinking flirty drop waist dress yet?

pearls and lace with a touch of rose
Creamy glass pearls and vintage lace with just a hint of dusty rose is a classic vintage look I can't help but drool over every time I see it especially in an off the shoulder kind of way. Can't wait to show off the finished piece. Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

How do You Renew Creative Perspective?

To renew my creative perspective, I often mine the internet for images having to do with whatever I happen to be working on at the time. They help inspire fresh ideas and sometimes they even inspire change in the direction of my work.

What happens when there is nothing that out there that really impresses me in the moment? I begin writing descriptive words in my planner and perhaps I'll even draw a little sketch.

What feeling do I want to convey with the piece? What colors will best communicate those feelings? What materials do I envision using? Breathing new life into a project can be as simple as this.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Serafina Mixed Media Gypsy Mermaid

Gypsy mermaid sounds intriguing enough. What might she look like? I thought I would give a sneak peek of Serafina, my very own mixed media gypsy mermaid in progress.

I've spent weeks working on her and loving the results so far. Here's a bit of trivia for you. Serafina's top was originally a flat piece of fabric. My father suggested that I create something more dimensional.

Art directed by my own father! Can you imagine? That little tip shaped the direction of the entire painting for the better and Serafina became a gypsy mermaid.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paper Couture IX: Vintage Dress Form Tags

When I came across these vintage dress form tags I thought they were so so pretty that I wanted to share them as inspiration.

The tags were made for a Marie Antoinette mail swap by Debi of life in my studio. What I love most about these tags is that the ribbon doubles as both neck adornment and tag hanger. Don't you just love it?!

Some vintage findings, a little imagination and you've got a truly elegant project that goes together easily. Debi, your tags are beautiful and oh so charming.

Note: Images associated with this post remain the copyrighted intellectual property of Debi and life in my studio.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Paper Couture VIII: How's Your Dress Form?

With so much you can do with paper dresses, I couldn't resist posting this fabulous paper dress form decor tutorial put together by the multi talented Taylor of MaryJanes and Galoshes. Be sure to drop by and give Taylor a shout!

If you are joining the Paper Wardrobe Project, I thought it might be nice to have the option of creating a different dress each month. Besides, you can never have too many dresses from which to draw inspiration . . . can you? Now go make a pretty dress! (tee hee :)

Note: Images associated with this post remain the copyrighted, intellectual property of Taylor and MaryJanes and Galoshes.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Paper Couture VII: Paper Dress Cupcake Toppers

Paper Couture continues with a practical application of the little paper dress with these fresh looking cupcake toppers.

Paper Dress Cupcake Toppers
Hop on over to Composing Hallelujahs to view a very detailed tutorial on how to make these lovely paper dresses yourself. These pretties could very easily be adapted to any party theme and be counted toward achieving your Paper Couture Challenge merit badge. ;)

Party Dress Cupcake Toppers from the Polka Dot Shoppe

Of course if you don't feel like making them yourself you can always hop on over and pay a visit to JeanKnee's Polka Dot Shoppe to purchase toppers like the ones pictured above.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Paper Couture VI: The Paper Wardrobe Project

Sparked by my recent participation in a vintage dress form tutorial, I was inspired to begin launching a series of articles having to do with paper couture.

paper machè bustier or corset top
During my searches for material I came across a blog called Alice and Camilla. Margaret, the author of the blog began a project called Dress Up 2010 in which she created one paper dress every month for an entire year.

Serafina gypsy mermaid mixed media painting ~ paper corset
I was so inspired by the idea that I finally figured out a way to put my own twist on it. I call it the Paper Wardrobe Project. Coincidentally, I happen to be working on a mixed media painting of a mermaid and created this rather exquisite paper bustier corset top for her.

So here's the deal. Beginning in August I will be creating one item a month having to do with the paper couture articles presented here and I challenge you to join me. I've got lots of good stuff planned which includes links to templates and tutorials posted in the right sidebar so grab a blog button, add me to your favorites and check back often!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paper Couture V: Cutest Little Paper Dress

Aren't these the cutest lil paper dresses ever?!  These were created and posted on Paper Whimsy by Nancy Maxwell James of Sugar Lump Studios who also provides a short tutorial on how she created these adorable wee dresses.

Created for PaperWhimsy by Nancy Maxwell James 
The tutorial also includes a link to a paper dress template so you can print out each of the three patterns shown here and begin creating your own paper wardrobe.

Note: The image and template posted in association with this listing remain the copyrighted, intellectual property of Nancy Maxwell James and Sugar Lump Studios.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paper Couture IV: The Perfect Paper Dress

As I tended to my garden of dreams on the eve of the last full moon, an enchanted fairy princess did visit me and whispered in my ear.

The Butterfly Catcher
"The date of the mid summer night ball will soon be here and it would be so lovely if I could arrive draped in the finest paper dress this year," said she.

Ballet Assemblage 3 - The Gypsy
"Only the best will do for a grand occasion such as this," said I and wasted not a second in suggesting that she flutter her way to Ms. Messie Jessie's shoppe since I've been told she makes the most exquisite frocks.

Assemblage Dress Collection
With so many scrumptious and beautiful gowns from which to choose, the fairy princess found that narrowing down the selection to only one was quite a task indeed.

Part of the Rosebud Ballet Series
Luxurious vintage fabrics combined with piles of perfect pleats, sprinkled with charm and heaped with imagination, these dresses were everything the princess could ever hope to find and more!

The Original Ballet Dress
She had searched high and low for that perfect little dress and did agree with me that Ms. Messie Jessie's closet truly has the best.

Assemblage - Sari
Clouds began to part and angels did sing when the fairy princess caught sight of this heavenly thing. A  little hot pink and bit of tulle really make this number flirty and fun. So the princess had it wrapped and away she went confident that she would reign as belle of the mid summer night's ball.

Assemblage - Valentine
I searched the internet for hours looking for some shred of charm in a paper dress that didn't include a super model. I was seeing dresses in leaves and floor tile patterns until I found this shoppe and literally fell in love. Sue, your dresses are superior! Thank you so much for the visual treat.

Note: All images posted in association with this listing remain the copyrighted intellectual property of Messie Jessie and Sue Griffiths.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Paper Couture III: Marie Antoinette Paper Hair

Marie Antoinette is such a rich source of inspiration for many that paper couture can not ignore the possibilities for creating exquisite paper hair. The combined artistic talents of Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry of the Paper Cut Project are the driving force behind these cutting edge, paper wig installations.

Full of energy and fun, this first wig is probably my favorite of the 3 I've selected to show you here. I can't help but see endless possibilities for incorporating paper vines and other botanical themes into a similar hairdo, something I've been dying to try for some time now. 

"Wig 3"

There is something positively magical and intriguing about the combination of the soothing, crisp lines of the front of this Marie Antoinette coiffe juxtaposed against piles of energetically, swirling curls in back. The eye begins its exploration peacefully as if on a motionless pond only to find itself summersaulting through endless fields of sun kissed wildflowers dancing in the breeze. What a visual treat!

"Wig 7" 
This sweet and sassy little number beautifully combines shorter tight curls in front with longer more relaxed strands in back. I imagine that if Marie were living among us today, she might be sporting a hairdo similar to this. Understated extravagance meets the 21st century. We would expect nothing less.

Note: All images associated with this post remain the copyrighted, intellectual property of Nikki Salk, Amy Flurry and the Paper Cut Project.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Paper Couture II: Marie Antoinette Paper Shoes

If you drooled over the Marie Antoinette inspired paper shoe I posted Monday, Get ready, because this second installment of paper couture just might leave you giddy with creative enthusiasm. Terri Gordon of Artful Affirmations has put together a little tutorial on how to make your own paper shoe.

Click the paper shoe image above to be transported to Terri's tutorial
A free shoe template is also provided on the Artful Affirmations blog if you care to try this for yourself. I created the shoes below following Terri's excellent instruction so don't be shy. These shoes were made to fit into a paper match box for a swap I participated in so they are pretty tiny.

Miniature paper shoes by Kellie Reynolds
For more decadent, Marie inspired paper creations, be sure to visit Terri at Designs by Terri Gordon.

Note: Image 1 of this post remains the copyrighted, intellectual property of Terri Gordon.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Paper Couture I: Marie Antoinette Paper Shoes

Since my creative muse seems to have begun steering me in the direction of antique paper dress forms these days I thought I would do a series of articles on paper couture beginning with Marie Antoinette inspired paper shoes.

The amazingly talented Noel Solomon of Fanciful Designs  teases the senses with this sumptuous hand made paper creation in decadent shades of pale pink that would make Marie herself blush with pride.

Noel says she spent hours flipping through pictures for inspiration, hand dying papers and selecting just the right fabrics and embellishments that would breathe life into this exquisite paper shoe.

The result is truly stunning and one that is my absolute pleasure to share with you here. To see more of Noel's incredible paper designs, stop by the Fanciful Designs shoppe.

Note: All images associated with this post remain the copyrighted, intellectual property of Noel Solomon and Fanciful Designs.