Thursday, July 14, 2011

Paper Couture VI: The Paper Wardrobe Project

Sparked by my recent participation in a vintage dress form tutorial, I was inspired to begin launching a series of articles having to do with paper couture.

paper machè bustier or corset top
During my searches for material I came across a blog called Alice and Camilla. Margaret, the author of the blog began a project called Dress Up 2010 in which she created one paper dress every month for an entire year.

Serafina gypsy mermaid mixed media painting ~ paper corset
I was so inspired by the idea that I finally figured out a way to put my own twist on it. I call it the Paper Wardrobe Project. Coincidentally, I happen to be working on a mixed media painting of a mermaid and created this rather exquisite paper bustier corset top for her.

So here's the deal. Beginning in August I will be creating one item a month having to do with the paper couture articles presented here and I challenge you to join me. I've got lots of good stuff planned which includes links to templates and tutorials posted in the right sidebar so grab a blog button, add me to your favorites and check back often!



  1. This paper corset top is beautiful, I hope you have a pattern for this. Can't wait for August 1st. to see all the creations you will be making. Thanks for the inspiration to craft!

  2. What a beautiful corset! Makes me wish I was a paper doll so i could wear it, along with all the other pretty paper art designs.

  3. love it thanx I will be trying to make these for my miniature wardrobe!

  4. The mermaid bustier is absolutely stunning! Thanks for the inspiration to create paper dresses!

  5. What type of paper do you recommend to use for your projects?

    1. Hi Heather,

      Thanks for the question. I always recommend that you play around with different types of papers to figure out what works best for you. I use a wide variety including tissue, dictionary pages, and even plain copy paper depending on the look I want. Thinner papers are going to give a more delicate look while thicker papers are good to provide structure. Thicker papers also work better with paper punches but again, it really just depends on the look you're going for. Hope this give some direction.




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