Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to Make Paper Rose Leaves

Since our Paper Wardrobe Project for March includes the possibility of leaves I'm going to share a  technique for adding veins and how to cut your leaves so they have cerated edges.
cut leaf shape with paper edgers for more visual appeal
First select some green paper.  Cut a small piece and fold it in half. With a pair of mini scallop scissors, cut the open edge side of the paper forming a leaf shape.

card stock was too thick - use thinner paper
With a pair of tweezers grab the folded leaf just below the tip. Crimp by twisting the tweezers to the right (or left) and crease.

finished leaf
Continue crimping working from the tip of the leaf to the stem. Open the leaf and shape as desired. It is now ready to add to your project. Enjoy!


  1. very cool leaves, love the way you make the creases

  2. Lovely leaf. I make mine similar to yours but I place my leaf on a soft mat and use a ball ended tool to mark the veins. I sometimes colour the leaves with chalk if I don't have the right colour of paper. It is all good fun lol Eileen



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