Thursday, June 14, 2012

Antique Paper Dolls

I wasn't looking for antique paper dolls in particular but I happened to come across EKDuncan and fell in love with Evelyn's many paper doll offerings.

articulated antique paper doll - Lillian Russell
Oh my but they are heavenly! I think what appeals to me most is the healthy plumpness of these girls save the waist which looks like it has undergone years of tortuous transformation by the corset. *cringe*

original torso that came with the dolls
This doll is a Lillian Russell reproduction which happened to be my favorite so I'm posting it here. EKDuncan has many more dolls so be sure to pop on over for more styles and colors.

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  1. this looks so pretty ,i need to find a nice 60's doll for a project im working on



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